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Hiya there, The name's Jessica but I answer to Jessi as well. I'm in college, not where I want to be but not where I absolutely hate to be. I'm studying Simulation and Game Development but what I really want to study is Animation. It would be so awesome of a field to be in.
I'm a Kingdom Hearts fangirl but I faun over Roxas. He and Aqua are my favorite characters of the game series.
I love my friends on tumblr and most I've gotten to know through deviantArt as well as Tumblr. They changed my life <3



I can’t stop staring at Eoin Macken’s incredibly distracting shirt sleeves. Those hips don’t lie.

heeheehee XDD you see in my mind the two kinda mix together in both expectations and reality

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Can somebody PLEASE make a gif of Merlin from Mists of Avalon saying “I think I’m getting the hang of this deception lark/lot(whatever)

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Annoying, Insane and Dedicated…Sounds perfect actually XD

insane friendly pervert

pervert sounds a bit harsh

Sane (but i saw it backwards so im also insane), pervert, mature
…. Oddly accurate…. But you dont see the perv, that is all mine >w>

energetic, perverted and insane

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My Place and Space turned 2 today!

My Place and Space turned 2 today!

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You know as this year comes to a close I like to think about all the good times……


No wait, this just means that another year has gone by for Merlin and Arthur is still not back……Well fuck TT.TT

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You know what… FINE! Don’t bring Merlin back because Merlin was a show about the legendary figures before they became legends that they are. Instead why not make a show about the figures after they have become legend. Namely, call the show Arthur, like Bradley James wanted and make it his reincarnation and only have him in chainmail in the first episode and maybe in flashbacks making Bradley James happy again. and god dammit bring Colin Morgan and Bradley James together again!!

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I really want someone to make a Merlin video to the theme song of Star Trek: Enterprise….I think it’d be good

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You probably don’t wanna follow me cuz I have no intention on posting anything sensible. Will mostly be nonsense and/or ramblings i don’t deem worthy of my other blog that was meant to be an rp only blog…..go figure. 

Strange how the character can inherit your traits…like your obsession with a recently ended British television show.

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I am not ashamed to say that for the entire day yesterday I had been thinking long and hard of how I miss Merlin, Merthur and Gwen x Arthur. I’m in the middle of a computer class and every once in a while a single tear found it’s way down my cheek. and this continued long after I drove back home till finally my heart and soul couldn’t take it and without any provocation I burst into sobs.

How can we move on when Merlin is still left walking past the Lake of Avalon?! Q.Q

and yeah I’m still in class and a tear is creeping out already.

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[[ A lil late but I finished Lita’s bday present! :D Hope you like it at least a lil ]]


[[ A lil late but I finished Lita’s bday present! :D Hope you like it at least a lil ]]

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[[ I feel pathetic, fantasizing that Colin Morgan really is Merlin and that he’s not sick with laryngitis but instead taking a break from acting in The Tempest to hope a ride on a dragon to cross the Atlantic so he can teach my 3D Modelling II class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Q.Q Fangirling can really kill the heart…cuz logic stands to reason that none of this will come true and it breaks my heart. I mean I’m going “JESS, WHERE THE FUCK WOULD EITHER MERLIN OR COLIN HAVE LEARNED 3D MODELING!” ]]

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Arthur watches helplessly as Merlin spends his days staring out at the lake. 

"I’ll come back," Arthur whispers, "I’ll come back for you."

He wishes his friend would move on; find joy in the long life he has left to live. If only Arthur could speak to him— tell him to let go— tell him it was okay to start again. 

"I never did like seeing you unhappy, Merlin," Arthur says as he turns away from the view of his friend. Merlin’s blue eyes glimmer too often with tears. 

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I want an episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor meets Anne Frank but her death is a fixed point so he can’t change it so instead he takes her to the future so she can see that it will not always be this way and the world doesn’t end in 1944 and that’s why she writes in her diary “and that’s why,  in spite of everything, I believe that people are good at heart” and that she is remembered for her struggle

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